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3 Marketing Tactics

That Will Send Your Sales Through The Roof

How to Make Money Online by Simply Giving Something Away

It Won’t Cost You a Dime

The following PDF is short and to the point… read it all, and you will understand how to make money online passively and without cost…

Do this and you will not need a website, hosting or any technical ability…and yes, this method will work for you if you are a Newbie, I.e. brand new to making money online.

First of all take a look at the screen shot below…


That’s $464.53 in affiliate commission (100% profit) attained be simply giving an easy to produce PDF away for Free.

This is a method (I hate to use the word Trick) my associate developed some years ago, and it still works today… would you like to know how to do the same?

Great then read on…

About The Method

This is a short and to the point PDF which details a very real method you can start using today.

As I mentioned my associate (Mark) originally developed this little system some years ago and still uses it today… as do lots of other people who either have access to this PDF or HOOKUM (the full method).

The process I’m about to detail works in the IM/MMO niche (IM stands for Internet Marketing, MMO stands for Make Money Online).

The process also works in nearly every other niche you can think of… For example: when Mark started making money online as an affiliate he used this system to sell Niche products listed on ClickBank.

Note: As mentioned above this system is based on Mark’s full training called HOOKUM, so you will see that HOOKUM is referred to throughout this publication.

Can I Help?

The reason Mark put Hookum (the full training) together initially was to help those who were either struggling to compete in a very competitive environment or those looking for a quick, cost free way to…
1. Build a list
2. Make Money (without spending it)

Which is, after all the reason we all spend so much time online, well perhaps that isn’t the only reason, but the fact you are now reading this PDF suggests that you are at least interested in making money online.

Yes?... Ok lets get started.

About Mark

You may or may not be aware of Mark Bishop…

So let me quickly explain so you know what I’m about to show you is the real deal…

Today Mark is reasonably well known and highly successful in the IM space…

Wanna see?... See below

1.2Million in the last 3 years


$728,850.28 in 1 Year

The screen shot below is 2017 start to finish (1 account). Currency is GBP as Mark is based in the UK

£538,493 GBP… that works out at: $728,850.28 – Almost three quarters on a Million Dollars in 1 year from 1 account.


This income is shown to demonstrate that rather than being one of those ‘Fake’ guys, Mark really does make a lot of money online Day In, Day Out. And just to verify this… He runs a registered UK LTD Company called IKKONIK LTD, Pays corporation tax, UK VAT, EU VAT MOSS and his accounts are held at companies’ house in the UK… So yes – these figures are REAL.

From the images above hopefully you can see that today he’s a pretty successful online marketer… and that he really does make a lot of money online.

However, it wasn’t always the case. Just like everyone else and possibly you, he spent time and money looking for a way out of his day job. …Which at the time was as a self-employed plumber in the UK.

This was Mark around four years ago…


Do You Hate Your Day Job?

Now, if you’re anything like he was back then the day-to-day grind may well be driving you up the wall?

Maybe you hate your job, but quitting on the spot isn’t a realistic option for you right now?

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how soul destroying a mundane JOB is. Especially when you know there are people online

How Did They Do It?

Mark spent many hours scratching his head and wondering exactly how all these people were making so much money online.

Do you want see more? Click the visit site link to get the rest.


Just me, myself and I, exploring the universe. I love moving forward and have an interest in business. I want to share my world with you.


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